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I am joining with Off The Mat, Into the World to journey with the Bare Witness: Cambodia Challenge 2008 Program.  Off the Mat, Into the World, (OTM) has teamed up with the Cambodia Children’s Fund (CCF) to bring a group of “leaders” to Cambodia to make a significant change in the lives of Cambodia’s poorest, most undereducated and vulnerable children.I must raise $20,000 or more by December 31, 2008. 

As a team we will travel to Cambodia in February, 2009, and our 2 weeks will be spent:

-Volunteering in Phnom Penh with CCF and working at one of their 5 local orphanages housing as many as 400 children.  These children have all been rescued from Steung Meanchey, an 11-acre garbage dump where they have lived and worked (collecting metal and plastic for recycling) often suffering from extreme poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, abuse and exploitation.  We will be providing food and soymilk and working with CCF to find children that can be removed from the dump and brought to the orphanage. 

-We will also be working at the CCF community center that has been recently erected at the dump to provide shelter for the children, deal with domestic violence issues and provide food and water for the children and families that reside at Steung Meanchey.

-We can elect to teach a short class with the students on any subject or theme.

-We will be able to speak with the children, read, and play and share meals with them.

-Our team will also be erecting a water well in a nearby village that does not have access to clean water. As lack of clean water is a major threat to the lives of these communities, we will literally be leaving a legacy of saving lives in two ways – through allowing the work of the CCF to continue and through the water well.